Licitio Analyzer™

With Licitio Analyzer™, we have developed a tool to make it easier for our customers to get an overview and to guarantee a good quality of the search profile.

The tool identifies the results of each search criterion and makes it easier to modify the criteria and to remove irrelevant tenders.

Licitio Analyzer™ divides the monitoring results in three categories:

Showing all tenders that have been published (from 1 January 2007) in order to see whether the search criteria are relevant.

Showing all on-going tenders where the deadline has not yet expired and contract awards.

Showing which search criterion that identified a tender that was not identified by the other search criteria in the search profile. (Since a tender is often published with several CPV codes it may occur that different search criteria identify the same tender)

With Licitio Analyzer™ you are able to identify the reasons why your searches either identify too many or too few tenders.

You find the tool by choosing a search profile and then click on Licitio Analyzer™ on the right side of the search profile.