Tender monitoring

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Licitio can offer a tender monitoring service on all levels and for all needs. Licitio can deliver a detailed and reliable monitoring service fulfilling all your search requirements.

Create your search profile now. Get a free 14-day trial subscription period (Licitio Plus™)

With Licitio Plus™ or Licitio Personal™ you are able to create a search profile on your own. If you have a great need of reliability and precision in the tender monitoring, our experts can create and administrate your search profile for you by choosing the solution Licitio Pro™. Order additional information

With our different solutions you get a real picture of how your product(s) are purchased by the public sector.

We have developed a unique analytical tool giving a detailed overview of the quality of your search. Licitio Analyzer™
Here you can see all historical and new tenders as well as unique tender information.

Revolutionary tender monitoring

Our main customers work professionally on the tender market and do not accept to miss out on important business opportunities.

A profound survey has shown that the most common reason why a company misses out on important tenders is poor monitoring. Another reason is that companies receive too much information and irrelevant information. We have solved these problems. 

All relevant tenders that are identified are sent to you by e-mail on a regular basis. 

The reason is that a number of monitoring services neglect the importance and necessity of a pre-analysis, which is carried out in order to ensure that the monitoring respects all elements including incorrect CPV codes and search words.

Licitio has specialized in regarding all aspects of the tender content, not only concerning incorrect CPV coding, but search words as well including spelling, compound words, synonyms and terminology. In addition, Licitio can remove irrelevant tenders.

Licitio uses the most advanced search-technolgy on the market and by a thorough pre-analysis and many special tools, Licitio is able to set up your search profiles with an impressive accuracy. 

Read more about Licitios tender monitoring solution for an accurate and reliable monitoring: Licitio Pro™