How you use Licitio

You will from now on receive a Matchmail – an e-mail with contract notices

You will from now on receive a matchmail every time there is a match in one of your search profiles. You are able to modify your search profiles at any time under “My Licitio”.

We recommend that you spend time on ensuring that your searches are correct already from the beginning. Because the search is decisive for the kind of contract notices you will receive in your matchmail.
How you add search criteria:
Use ”Optimize search” for modifying your search profiles. This is done by choosing a search profile followed by clicking on the box labeled “Optimize search” to the right of the profile. Write a search word in the blue pane “Find match” and click on “Search” button.

How Licitio searches:
When testing a search word Licitio starts by automatically searching through the 9000 CPV codes in order to find a code including the search word. If there is a match in the CPV codes you get the results shown as points, where a point corresponds to a CPV code and you are able to see the CPV description.

If no CPV code includes the search word, Licitio searches automatically through the text in all tenders in the database (both new and historical). If there is a match in a tender, the result is shown as a point with a title. The point corresponds to the search word and the title is the description of the CPV code that the tender is classified by.

By adding this match to the search profile the search will hereinafter identify all tenders that include both the search word and the CPV code. We call this a”combined search”, which gives a more accurate search compared to a search on the search word alone, as a limitation on sector is possible. 

Explanation of CPV codes
(Common Procurement Vocabulary)
A CPV code is a sector description. There are a total of 9000 CPV codes and a contracting authority shall always classify his tender by choosing representative CPV codes. This classification system is dedicated to European tenders from the EU and is used to make it easier for suppliers to find contract opportunities within their business sector.

Doffin uses a simplified code system

A CPV code can occur twice and thus look identical. This is because Doffin (the Norwegian tender database) uses their own CPV codes in addition to TED’s CPV code system (TED: Tenders Electronic Daily is the EU database for tenders). If you search for all Norwegian tenders including tenders below threshold value, it is important to add both TED and Doffin CPV codes. When you have added both matches to the search profile you will see that their numbers differ.
Click here for an overview of all CPV codes
By clicking CTRL F when you have opened the page an upper search field appears where you can search for words in the description.  The first codes are Doffin codes starting by five zeros or more in a row (e.g. 00000). The remaining codes are from the TED database.

The problem with CPV codes
Unfortunately contracting authorities do not always choose the correct CPV code as they often do not have the needed expertise in their field. This is the reason why searching on search words in addition to CPV codes makes it possible to identify contract notices published with an incorrect CPV code and description. However, the risk of receiving many irrelevant tenders still remains as a search word can occur in many different circumstances.  

As spelling errors, compound words and terminology/synonyms in tender texts may also occur, this means that some tenders will not be identified even by search words.
The problem of receiving irrelevant tenders
Some monitoring services have tried to find a solution of the incorrect CPV coding by manually add additional codes to the tender. This is again a subjective assessment and will lead to additional ”noise” in the search results. As it often is a matter of high value contracts, it is imperative not to neglect relevant contract notices. The problem of receiving a large amount of tenders due to a too broad search is the amount of time spent on reading through all tender texts. Because the relevance of a tender is impossible to judge only from its title.
Quality in your searches is decisive
Licitio is a specialist in high quality and complex tender monitoring. Licitio delivers tender monitoring to companies who do not compromise quality.

By quality means reliability in receiving ALL relevant tenders and no irrelevant information (spam).

You decide your own level of quality. For a small investment you are able to set up and modify your own search profiles. You have already access to this do-it-yourself solution through your trial access.

The highest quality you receive by letting Licitio experts set up and administrate your searches. We have thus developed a solution taking into account all possible conditions. The set up is done based on a thorough analysis. Read more about Licitio Pro™ here: Licitio's tender solution to obtain an accurate search

Explanation of My Licitio
'My Licitio' is your personal part of Licitio. Under 'My Licitio' you can see all tenders that have been forwarded to you and here you can create and modify your searches.

You can organize your tenders under four different files under 'My Results':

(for the new tenders not read through. It corresponds to your inbox. All new tenders should be assessed and organized under any of the other files, 2, 3 or 4.)

(for the tenders you wish to study further)

(for irrelevant tenders where sector and content do not match your area of interest.)

(for the tenders where sector and content is or might be interesting but you choose not to study any further.)

Create your own spamfilter
By storing 100% irrelevant tenders under SPAM, you can advice Licitio to improve the quality of your search. Licitio’s “Spam tool” is not active. But from the moment you activate the tool, Licitio will use the information from the SPAM file. Therefore it is a good idea to use the SPAMFILE from the beginning, even though you have not activated it yet.

More information about tenders and regulations

If you have no prior experience from public procurement you should read about some of the rules and regulations to be aware of.Read more about how to get started as a supplier to the public sector

Personal consultant
You will get a personal consultant from Licitio who you can contact by mail info@licitio.com or by phone +45 22 71 83 00.